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The Unwinding Yarn.

Her last comfort is the music in her heart.

Katy Leigh
21 October
I'm Katy.

I'm 16, and I'm stuck in Texas. Someday, I will move back to California. If you're not in band, then you're less cool than I am. :] Vegetables and junk food are my two favorite food groups. A day isn't complete without listening to music. I go through books like tissues. I adore musicals. <3 I don't like wearing rings on my fingers. I currently have an ancient ghetto phone, as the younger of my two dogs ate my nice one. D: I love my 1st generation iPod Nano; her name is Giselle Sora Monika Angelika. Oh, and btw, I'm a Christian. I'm not gonna shove anything down your throat, but you're also not gonna get me to change my beliefs, so don't try.

And btw, my friends are way cooler than your's.
That's a fact, not an opinion. :]